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Remedial Procedures for Damage

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  • Remedial Procedures for Damage
  • Types of Mediation and Arbitration Claims

Remedial Procedures for Damage

프린트 폰트작게 폰트크게

Types of Mediation and Arbitration Claims

프린트 폰트작게 폰트크게
A Request for Correction of a News Report
A petitioner who suffers damage due to a partially or wholly false report can complain to the publisher for correction.
The petitioner is responsible for proving that the original report contains false facts, whereas the press is responsible for proving the report is true.

Example of Correction of a News Report

In the edition of the Daehan Times on July 13, the article, headlined "Government Bans Sale of Apple, Grapefruit Containing Alar," was in fact about the government's ban of "Farm Chemicals" containing Alar. The Daehan Times deeply regretted this error. The headline should have read "Government Bans Sale of Farm Chemicals Containing Alar."

A Request for Reply to a News Report
The petitioner can complain to the news organization to report a reply to a previous article. The contradictory reply is not required to prove the falsity of the original report.

Example of Reply to a News Report

The 8 0'clock News reported "80% fraudulent claims by dentists" on 0ct. 18. In relation to the report, the Korean Dental Association stated that it was inappropriate to generalize the investigation into 80% of 30 dental clinics suspected of making fraudulent claims for the Health Insurance to all dental clinics

A Request for a Follow-Up Report
In case a person was reported to be under suspicion for a crime or reported to be a criminal, but has been cleared from the suspicion after an investigation, he or she can request the press organization, etc., for a follow-up story on his or her innocence.
A request for a follow-up story can be exercised only when the petitioner is proved to be innocent or not guilty. The petition for the follow-up story is allowed only within three months from the date the criminal case against the petitioner was closed.

Example of a Follow-Up Report

We have reported that "John Doe was arrested on a charge of drinking under the influence of alcohol" in the article of May 5, headlined "John Doe drinks and drives," on the front page of our newspaper. However, recently, he has been declared free from the suspicion of drunken driving.

A Request for a Compensation for Injury
The petitioner can claim monetary compensations from press organizations, etc., for violating the right of character, likeness, good name, privacy, or voice. The petitioner should clearly state the amount of the damages claimed.